Physical Examinations

Shepherds Care Medical Clinic provides care for individuals between 18 and 64, with chronic disease such as asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. Hours are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9A to 4:30P and Friday from 9A-1:30P

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Prescription Assistance Program

Welcome to Shepherd’s Care Prescription Assistance Program Are you having difficulty getting the medication you need because of : To many medications? To many bills? To expensive? We can help! Continue reading “Prescription Assistance Program” …

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About Us


The Free Medical Clinic often referred to as Free or Charitable Clinics is a health care community safety net that is established, operated, and maintained for the purpose of providing primary health care to socioeconomically and geographically underserved patient populations. Typically, the Free Medical Clinic’s personnel includes dedicated volunteers and/or paid staff who provide medical, dental, pharmacy, vision, and/or behavioral health services to individuals who otherwise would not be able to afford such services.

The Free Medical Clinic is not required to provide services free of charge to be classified as a charitable entity. It may charge a nominal fee as long as the necessary services are rendered without consideration of the patient’s ability to pay. Because Free Medical Clinics serve those who could not otherwise afford medical services, the Clinics often limit their services to patients who do not have insurance, have limited insurance, and/or have limited or no access to necessary health care.

(Legal and Operation guide for Free Medical Clinics, AMA Foundation, copy right 2015, pg. 11)


SCMC is a 501c3 Free and Charitable Clinic located in Eastern Wake County, in the town of Zebulon. This location allows us to serve other counties such as Johnston, Franklin and Nash. We were established in 2010 seeing patients one night a week to now open four days a week for medical and one day a week for behavior health.

We are able to sever our communities by providing primary care, cardiac clinic, GYN, retinal eye screenings, mammograms through a mobile unit, nutritional counseling and behavior health. SCMC is excited to soon add an endocrinology clinic.


Delivering compassionate healthcare to uninsured and underinsured adults, one person at a time.


To provide passionate, comprehensive healthcare that renews hope and health to those with chronic illnesses for the improvement of families and our community; and To be a stable, self-sustaining organization that provides quality healthcare and solid health information.

Our clinic hours :

9A - 4:30P
9A - 4:30P
9A - 4:30P
9A - 4:30P
9A - 1:30P


Maria Del-Valle Torres
Physician’s Assistant
Chynere Chim
Nurse Practitioner
Rachel Barbour
Prescription Assistance Coordinator
Cheryl Holden
Project Access Coordinator
Sarai Keele
Medical Assistant
Leona Doner
Executive Director


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The Expansion Is Done

Can you believe the change.  WOW.  I am getting so excited about the future of Shepherd’s Care Medical   In  November 2015 Shepherd’s Care Medical Clinic is the medical home to over…
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Volunteers Needed

  Shepherd’s Care Medical Clinic Is A Great Place To Volunteer.  You will be part of a loving and caring staff.  Be it 2 hours a week to 20 hours a week volunteering will give you a chanc…
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A Note from a Patient May 2014 What can be said about a clinic and the volunteers you feel have saved your life on more than one occasion? THANK YOU GOD!! I have been attending Shepherd’s Care for w…
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